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On February 18, 1916, a group of American citizens of Polish descent held the first official meeting of the Polish Century Club in Skrzycki Hall at Russell and Forest in Detroit, Michigan.  The primary purpose of the newly formed organization was to perpetuate Polish culture by observing it's traditions, customs, and language to preserve and enhance the status of Poles in America.  The organization also wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment of the general welfare of the local community and country. In 1926, the club purchased a building on East Grand Boulevard and Elmwood, which was home for 38 years.  The club grew rapidly and became one of the leading ethnic organizations in Michigan.  During those years, we had many important guests such as Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Judges and many other governmental representatives. In time, the club outgrew the quarters and acquired a former lumberyard in 1964 at 5181 East Outer Drive.  After extensive renovation, the property was tranformed into one of the most beautiful clubrooms in the state.  At this time, it was felt that an increase in membership was important to the continued growth of the organization.  For the first time in history, the club roster was increased to 150 members, then in 2001, grew again to 300 members. 

The growth of the Polish Century Club has been a source of pride to our members. The Polish Century Club is ever ready with moral and financial support for all good causes.  We are non-political, but we are proud of our many members who hold public office in City, County, State, and Federal Government.  Polish Century Club sponsors many functions where members are able to share good fellowship with other members and their families. The growth of the Polish Century Club matches the growth of the Polish American community being an important part in the cultural life of Polonia in Detroit. 

We will continue to strive to maintain a wide range of programs for increasing meaningful and relevant participation of American Polish heritage in the mainstream of American life.  From these objectices, the Polish Century Club Orphans Fund, Inc. was started in 1998, a 501(3)(c) corporation to raise money to help the children of Poland who are less fortunate. For more information on the Club, or if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us.

A few of the people we have welcomed to our club over the years:
  • William A. Comstock
  • Kim Sigler
  • G. Mennen Williams
  • John Swainson
  • George Romney
  • William Milliken
  • James Blanchard
  • John W. Smith
  • Frank Couzens
  • Edward J. Jeffries
  • Richard Reading
  • Albert E. Cobo
  • Eugene Van Antwerp
  • Jerome P. Cavanagh
  • Leopold Stokowski
  • Arthur Rubenstein
  • Jan Kiepura
  • Prince Radziwill 

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